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Start Pilot areas
Pilot areas

Denmark: water planning and projects in the catchment around River Susaa; Naestved Municipality

Eutrophication from agriculture and scattered settlements are major pressures on the aquatic ecosystems in the catchment of the river Susaa, the Danish pilot area in WATERPRAXIS. Moreover, the river bed conditions and the hydrological conditions in the river and in the smaller streams are at present not sufficient to ensure good ecological conditions for flora and fauna. These issues are also representative for major problems in other countries around the Baltic Sea.

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Finland: improving the ecological state of rivers - implementation of river basin management plan in Liminika and Tyrnävä landscapes

River in June. Photos Seppo Hellsten
River in June. Photos Seppo Hellsten

Results with co-operation
As a part of Waterpraxis project the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for North Ostrobothnia has started a restoration project in rivers discharging to the Liminganlahti Bay.

Two working groups will plan measures and project ideas for best practices for improving the ecological state and the recreational utility value of the rivers. Working groups consist of local inhabitants, municipal decision-makers, farmers, fishers, etc...
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Lithuania: improving drinking water quality in small settlements

Sub-basins within the Nemunas RBD
Fig. 1 Sub-basins within the Nemunas RBD (source: Lithuanian Environmental Protection Agency http://gamta.lt)

The Šešupė river basin is a part of the Nemunas River Basin District (RBD). The territory of the Šešupė sub-basin within Lithuania comprises about 10% of the total area of the largest Nemunas RBD (Figure 1).

The Šešupė sub-basin (Figure 2), covering an area of 6,104.8 km2, was selected as a pilot area for the WATERPRAXIS project in Lithuania. The Lithuanian portion of the Šešupė sub-basin comprises 80% of its total area and 53% of the length of the river bed. The upper reaches of the Šešupė (27 km, catchment area: 287 km2) lie in Poland, while the western part of the middle and lower reaches (62 km, 919 km2) lie in the Kaliningrad region. The river flows 52 km along the border between Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region.

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Poland: river basin management in the Sulejów Reservoir

Figure 1: the Sulejów Reservoir (own elaboration)
Fig. 1: the Sulejów Reservoir (own elaboration). Please click on the graphic to zoom in.

The Sulejów Reservoir (Figure 1) was constructed in the years 1969-1973 by impounding the Pilica River with a dam at the village of Smardzewice. It is a typical lowland, low-volume artificial lake with large areas emerging when low water levels occur.

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