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Start News WATERPRAXIS Management meeting and workshop on “River Basin Management in the Baltic Sea Region“
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WATERPRAXIS Management meeting and workshop on “River Basin Management in the Baltic Sea Region“

30 - 31 May 2011, Lulea, Sweden

WATERPRAXIS_Management_meeting_and_workshop_on_River_Basin_Management_in_the_Baltic_Sea_RegionThe partners of the WATERPRAXIS project met in Lulea, Sweden, for the 5th management group meeting to agree on the workplan for the last period of the project. In the evening the project partners visited a hydro power plant with several interesting measures to secure fish migration. The partners also had the chance to see the really beautiful waterfall “Storforsen”.

On 31 May 2011 the workshop on “River Basin Management in the Baltic Sea Region“ was held. Scientists, members of ministries and water boards, water managers, partners from other projects as well as WATERPRAXIS partners presented their results, views and experiences on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the public participation in this process.

This workshop provided useful insights and information for the work of the project during its final phase. We thank the speakers and organizers of the workshop for their work and the fruitful workshop!

The presentations of the workshop can be downloaded as pdf files here:

01 Waterpraxis projec, Hellsten
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 654.67 KB  -  Downloads: 4414)

02 WFD implementation, Liefferink
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 39.36 KB  -  Downloads: 4703)

03 Integrated water management, Nielsen
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 195.12 KB  -  Downloads: 4480)

04 WFD Lithuania, Sepikas
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 3.13 MB  -  Downloads: 4714)

05 WFD in Sweden, Sundström
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 907.9 KB  -  Downloads: 4601)

06 WFD in Latvia, Jankovska
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 2.88 MB  -  Downloads: 4657)

07 Public participation RBMP, Pedersen
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 54.05 KB  -  Downloads: 4410)

08 BalticCompass, Sall
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 3.64 MB  -  Downloads: 4875)

09 RBM in Finland, Laine
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 1.33 MB  -  Downloads: 4455)

10 RBM in Poland, Zabrzenska
(Erstellt am: 06.06.2011  -  Dateigröße: 2.5 MB  -  Downloads: 4910)


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