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Start About the project Aims of Waterpraxis
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Aims of Waterpraxis

© Finnish Environment Institute

The project's overall objective is to improve the status of the Baltic Sea by contributing to the practical implementation of measures chosen in RBMPs in the region.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. identify and suggest improvements to present water management practices by analysing the contents and planning processes of RBMPs;
  2. establish action plans based on RBMPs for pilot areas representing best practices and measures for water protection and public participation;
  3. prepare investment plans (incl. technical and financing plans) for water protection measures for selected sites in Poland, Lithuania, Denmark and Finland;
  4. disseminate information on best practices and measures of water management via publications, seminars and websites;
  5. offer training and education programmes for planners in the water management sector.

The action and investment plans as well as planning methods will be prepared in a transnational cooperation with authorities and scientific partners. The plans aim at real investments following this project.

We plan to finance investments partly by the extension stage of the project. Result dissemination to outside the EU territory is secured by carrying out joint planning actions at the transboundary River Sesupe flowing from Kaliningrad to Lithuania.