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Approach used

© Jouko Lehmuskallio

By putting River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) into practice, the goal of good ecological status should be achieved in all European waterbodies by 2015. However, remarkable gaps and barriers have been identified which stand in the way of general-level RBMPs, action plans at local scale and real investments.

Thus, when aiming at the rehabilitation of the whole Baltic Sea, there are many harmonisation needs in water management practices in the transnational cooperation between different BSR countries.

First, there might be a lack of understanding of the importance of water resources protection and the practical measures available. Furthermore, the measures proposed in several cases are neither cost- nor eco-effective, and the measures proposed at general level may not gain common acceptance at local level. Also, it is difficult to get financing for investments.

There are also many new challenges arising. New EU directives related to water management will come into force, a fact which suggests that prompt action should be taken so as to ensure the long-term quality and sustainability of water resources.