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Start Events Waterpraxis Events Workshop on “River Basin Management in the Baltic Sea Region”

Workshop on “River Basin Management in the Baltic Sea Region”

31 May 2011 in Lulea, Sweden

One of the most serious problems seen in the Baltic Sea is the eutrophication caused by nutrient loads. Although there are practical measures to restrict them, the implementation of river basin restoration measures as envisaged in the Water Framework Directive (WFD) is still deficient.

Therefore the Baltic Sea Region project WATERPRAXIS organizes this workshop to exchange good river basin management practices and experiences in implementing the WFD from different Baltic Sea Region countries.

The seminar aims to:
  • Learn from barriers in the implementation process in other countries
  • Exchange good and bad experiences in implementing the WFD, and how effectiveness in implementation is affected by different institutional set-up (systems of governance)
  • Get to know positive processes of public participation
  • Discuss the potentials in water planning for 2015-2021


The seminar will provide cross-border learning and transnational networking for the water planners invited by the project and the project partners.